♥ About me

my name is Teresa and I am originally from a beautiful italian city named Padova (only 30mins from Venice!). I currently live in the Netherlands, in Rotterdam, where I moved 2 and a half years ago. I work as a freelance in the artfield and cannot imagine my life without crafting activities. 

♥ I discovered crafty activities as a child and teenager, and re-discovered them during university a few years ago. I started making fimo necklaces in 2005 and then continued ever since, and added new materials and techniques. at the moment my favourite crafty materials are fimo and resin, I love to crochet and I also like to assemble jewels with nice plastic and resin beads and cabochon. At the moment craft for me is something more than a hobby, I would like to grow in my creativity as well as in my abilities and I would love to transform the handmade activity in a part-time job.

♥ I have a huuuge passion for kawaii, cute and kitsch stuff. I like to surround myself with cute stuff, it just makes me happy. I love cute food, cupcakes, deers, owls, rainbows, polka dots.