Friday, 4 March 2011

new start - february/march 2011!

Once again I have been neglecting this blog and my crafty activity in general...guess I need to learn how to use my energies better!
But now, it's time for a new start...hopefully a good one! So I will begin with talking about the month that just finished, and then it's time for good resolutions for the month that just begun!

February 2011

♥ Favourite Book of the month: definetly Juliet, Naked by Nick Hornby which I finished in about 5 days when I was in Berlin. the sweetest, nicest book I read in a really long time...I loved it! It made me stay up late to finish reading it...a feeling I really love :)
♥ Favourite Movie of the month: a movie from some years ago that I saw now for the first time: A Love Song for Bobby Long.
♥ Favourite Place of the month: this HAS to be Berlin! I love it more and more every time I visit it...guess who's thinking about moving there?
♥ Favourite Purchase of the month: a beautiful book of photographs taken by Felix Gonzales-Torres. simply amazing and really moving.
♥ Favourite Food of the month: sushi!!!
♥ Favourite Music of the month: Iron and Wine, that I saw performing live in Paradiso, Amsterdam. amazing evening! and then I kept listening to his music all the time...

Items sold in February: 3 (I know, this sounds a bit ridiculous but considering I did not put any effort in my crafty activity it's a miracle! and it gave me the energy to start putting some effort in it again...)

Good resolutions for March (or let's call them goals...):
- spend more time on my crafty blog/website/twitter
- save some money (ouch, I spent SO much money in Berlin...)
- be in a better mood (january and february have been sort of grey months for me...)
- think about some new beejoux items!!!

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