Sunday, 15 May 2011

being on a market and some random thoughts

I was at the Swan Market in Rotterdam today with my creations... it's been a cold and windy day, but no rain (miracle!) and even some (rare) moments of sun... I had a great day though! I sold 11 items, met some nice people, spoke some little dutch and saw a lot of great stalls full of amazing products! 
And now, trying to recover from the coldness and tiredness, some random thoughts. 

♥ I was really impressed by the average quality of the products in this market! I saw great jewelry, tons of amazing vintage stalls, nice prints and illustrations... I felt they made a great selection and it always feels good to take part in such a nice mix of people! When you manage to sell some stuff when surrounded by such amazing crafty people you even feel a bit better and  a little proud of yourself :)

♥ I love being on markets but the result is always so unpredictable... but okay, it's not only about selling right? you also have to consider the visibility you gain, the contacts you make, the potential customer who see your work... in any case let's say that the money in the pocket at the end of the day are not the only result to count on! In any case, a lot of energies and organisation are required for a one-day market, so sales are important too!

♥ what makes a market successful/unsuccessful? there are so many elements to consider it's always hard to be able to decide. of course the location, the weather, the people... is it good to be in a market with lots of other sellers? or is a small one a better possibility? 

if any of you has suggestions, tips, comments, they are more than welcome! 
and now a couple of pics, so you can have a glimpse of my products and (a frozen) me. 
goodnight everyone! 


  1. Hi Teresa,

    Where exactly is this market? Too bad I missed it, would love to see your products!


  2. Hello Sacha! The swanmarket was in Rotterdam North, at Rotabs! next market I will attend is Bazar Bizar, always in Rotterdam... !! where do you live?

  3. Thank you Teresa! I've lived in Rotterdam North but now I'm living in Rotterdam West. It looks like all the interesting stuff is happening in North! :-)

  4. it's supposed to be the next big thing...right ?? :)