Sunday, 26 June 2011

Bazar Bizar - the day after

I had a great time yesterday. I still cannot believe how great the day was! when I woke up it was so grey and rainy that I almost thought about giving up and staying in bed. Then, when I arrived (under the pouring rain) to the market, I saw how much energy was going on there, people trying to protect their stalls from the rain and make them look colorful and fun despite the terrible day.
Unfortunately I did not take any picture, but I hope to see some from the BB staff soon... there were some amazing stalls full of cuteness and really inspiring artists. I sold 28 items, which is amazing for me - and I got so many nice comments from the people at the market and friends passing by to visit me and have a chat.
I did not have time to bring a lot of new items to the market (my business trip to italy lasted longer than expected and I barely had time to come back home and pack everything I had to run to Bazar Bizar!) but I will take pictures of the few ones I was able to make, to put them in my shop as soon as possible.
So, all in all, it was way better than any expectation I could have!
Can't wait to be on a market again... I'm still full of energies.

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