Friday, 3 June 2011

crafty addictions

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every now and then I discover a new addiction
sometimes it's makeup, sometimes it's crafty-related, other times it's food. I just can't have enough of that something for a while, then maybe later I forget about and just go on. (I know, it's a bit childish, but still...)
I am going through a very bad addiction at the moment, and it's called crochet 
I used to crochet a lot as a child and teenager. My granma and my mom gave me an introduction and then I went on a on for many years, making decorations, small bags and so on. Then, as usual, I completely forgot about it. 
Since a few days ago, when my boyfriend gave me a book about food-related crochet project. I totally went crazy about it and now I am constantly crocheting. Sometimes it feels really easy and natural, as if all the knowledge I had was stored in a little corner of my brain and I would just need to open that small drawer and let it go again... Sometimes it's complicated and I have to check tutorials on youtube, but all in all it feels great to use this technique again! Maybe because it's also easy to go on with a project while sitting on the sofa or watching a movie, but it feels like I cannot stop! I like this feeling so much. :)
And you? do you have any bad addictions and which crafty technique do you find absolutely addicting?


  1. when it comes to crafts, I alternate crochet and sewing; at the moment dancing is also a big addiction, but sometimes it's running and in summer I can't help going outside in the evening, just for a walk.

  2. it's nice to have indoors+outdoors addictions, then :)

  3. I love this bright bag you made with your yarn in it ~adorable!!!!!

  4. I wish I made it! the link to the image is below the foto :)