Thursday, 9 June 2011

may favourites

♥ Favourite Book of the month: the Handmade Marketplace - by Kari Chapin. a lovely book full of tips about how to improve your handmade activity. the book explores many different aspects, from how to use social networks to how to make good photos of your products. it has a really good links section, and last but not least, a superuseful checklist at the end that you can use when you plan to go to a market. not to mention the incredibly lovely design... I got it on Amazon for less that 10euros! definetly worth the investment :)

♥ Favourite Movie of the month: 
I haven't been much at the cinema or watching movies...may was a busy hectic month! but when I was in Italy I saw a nice movie named "Habemus Papam" by italian director Nanni Moretti
♥ Favourite Place of the month: I visited Hamburg for the second time and liked a lot... I even managed to visit the location of the movie Soul Kitchen and had an amazing cheesecake at a small lovely place called "Don't tell Mama" 
♥ Favourite Purchase of the month: this is a hard one!  but let's choose a present instead of a purchase...I got a lovely book from my boyfriend... crochet goodies for fashion foodies.... definitely for me!
♥ Favourite Food of the month: vegetables curry in Hamburg... yummy!
♥ Favourite Music of the month: the lovely Missincat... she is italian as well! 

♥ Beejoux items sold in april: 12 ! (not bad...not bad...)


  1. Hi Teresa,
    We got your package yesterday. It's lovely! My eldest girl had a party yesterdayevening and wore the ring. The little deer is at the moment exposed at our 'favorite things' vitrine. Due to a none-working photoapparatus, no photo's, sorry.

    But there is a little swap-gift for you in the pipeline.

    Love the book, I'll try to get my hands on it. And succes with your sellfigures, think they will rise in near future!

    Thanks again, Marleen (and my other blog)

  2. thanks a lot!!! you are way too sweet! :) and I am so happy you enjoyed the items ^__^

  3. che bello il libro, mi sa che lo comprerò anche io, sto per aprire un negozietto Etsy ^^
    grazie per il suggerimento! :)