Saturday, 2 July 2011

june favourites

♥ Favourite Book of the month: I am currently reading the book "eating animals" by Jonathan Safran Foer. at the moment I still d0n't plan to become vegetarian but I think it's good to be more informed and to be able to make wise choices in terms of food. becoming 30 made me definetly wiser and more responsible!!!!
♥ Favourite Movie of the month: am I allowed to say "Gnomeo and Juliet" ?? I had a lot of fun watching it!!
♥ Favourite Place of the month: went twice to Amsterdam and loved it a lot, as usual
♥ Favourite Purchase of the month: nice italian clothes in italy :)
♥ Favourite Food of the month: went out a lot to eat last month, but the turkish restaurant in my neighborhood was an absolute favourite!
♥ Favourite Music of the month: I have a big crush on Sufjan Stevens and his sunny atmosphere
♥ Beejoux items sold in april: 29 (thanks Bazar Bizar!). things were very quiet on my webshop and dawanda, though.

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  1. anche io volevo leggere "se niente importa", poi ho pensato che mi sarei fatta solo del male, in quanto già macrobiotica e quindi già non mangiatrice di animali :)
    però adoro Safran Foer, hai letto "Molto forte incredibilmente vicino"? stupendo.