Tuesday, 6 December 2011

working space - work in progress

in the last few days I decided to stop complaining that my house was always a mess and decided to do something about it. so, I finally did what I kept procrastinating since a few months for no real reason: I organised my working space. I finally have my own table(s) to work on, and a space that I can leave messy or tidy or however I feel like, because it's my little creative piece of heaven.
here you have a couple of pics of the space (still a bit messy, lots of stuff on the floor which needs to go...)

I have a small table which I can use for the "dirty" or messy part of my creative process, such as pouring resin or using glitter. the big table can be used to put the jewelry together, prepare packages and so on. the boxes contain supplies or finished items ready to pack, and I put a small plastic piece where I seat so I can work with fimo without touching the table directly. to make the place more colorful and inspiring I added a cork board that I can use for images and tiny things, and wires to hang my ATCs collection. on the far left of the image you can also see that I also have my small oven close by, to cook the jewelry, and bits of bubblewrap to pack them.
more pics of the finished space will follow...for now, I can't wait to start using it! I am so glad I invested some time and a bit of money to do this...definetly worth the efforts!

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