Friday, 13 January 2012

In the Vintage Mood...

first of all, happy new year everyone!
I hope you had a great start of 2012. I surely did, I started the year with a wonderful trip to the South of Italy to visit some friends I haven't seen in years. It's been great: breathtaking landscapes, lots of nice foods and endless talks.
And now that I'm back, I feel really energetic and active.
So I started my new production with some vintage inspired resin jewels. At the moment these are the items I enjoy most: finding the little figurines is a lot of fun, as well as matching glitter and images for the background.
I hope you enjoy these new necklaces and brooches!


  1. Very cute! I am a big fan of vintage.

  2. Your jewelry is so sweet and I am totally jealous that you have seen Pearl Jam...that many times. The show in Berlin I'm sure will be bad ass. You must blog about it!

  3. awww thanks a lot you are so sweet! I'll blog about it! promise :)