Tuesday, 13 March 2012

going crazy with resin!

my friend simona asked me to make some resin brooches with the logo of her association... (which, by the way, I found lovely, perfect union of romantic and rockabilly! and so italian :) ) These brooches will be a trial version of a possible bigger production. They will be sold at one event next sunday, and if they turn out to be popular, then I will need to make a BIG amount of them. I enjoyed having a limited amount of freedom... i could play with colours and shapes but of course they had to match the logo. so.. just a few samples for now...


  1. Beelle, beelle beelle beeeellle... ^_^ !

  2. carinissimeee!!!
    io le resine le ho provate tutte, ma proprio nn ci riesco...nn so mescolare le diverse quantità oppure mi vengono le bolle o quando si asciuga diventa opaca...uff..
    tu quale usi?
    p.s: ho aggiunto il tuo banner sul mio blog <3