Friday, 19 August 2011

♥ 9 random facts about me ♥

I saw this Tag on a couple of blogs and could not resist...I think it's so funny and I LOVE reading other people's random facts! So if any of you wants to do it, it would be great !
But let's start with mine....

♥ I have 3 piercings and one tattoo, but they are pretty well hidden (especially the tattoo! that's completely hidden) so people don't really think about me as a "tattoo" or "piercing person".

♥ I always grew up with a dog by my side since I was born. That's the thing I miss most in my life since I moved abroad. But unfortunately my lifestye does not allow me to get one, at least for the moment

♥ There are three things I was good at, that I regret giving up: bellydancing, playing bass guitar (ok ok I was not SO good at this!) and juggling. I gave them up for one reason or the other and I wish I hadn't. (especially the bellydancing! I loved it!)

♥ Pearl Jam are my favourite band ever and I saw them live quite a few time and in several different cities including Milan, Torino, Rotterdam and Berlin.

♥ I lived for three months in NYC a few years ago and left a big chunk of my heart there. I loved it.

♥ Almost every pixar movie made me cry

♥ I am a bit of a makeup junkie and have a HUUUGE makeup collection (only low cost luckily). It's a really recent passion though, for almost 15 years I sported only a panda-eyes look or no makeup at all. Now I love choosing colour combinations and change look every day.

♥ I don't like driving the car but I LOVED driving my scooter when I was in italy... I drove scooters for 10 years there, from high school days til the day I move to the Netherlands. I absolutely love it.

♥ I am also a crafty junkie. Eevery now and then I discover new materials and techniques I ABSOLUTELY have to try and I get obsessive about it, then I quit because they're not that interesting to me... and go back to my beloved resin and fimo clay :)

That's it! My 9 random facts! Would love to read yours!

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