Monday, 22 August 2011

Welkom Thuis Festival and Ramblings

On saturday I participated (for the second time!) to the lovely Welkom Thuis Festival, in Katendrecht, Rotterdam. It's a really nice Festival with a full program of music, theater, dance, amazing food and a nice crafty market! I enjoyed so much last year that I absolutely wanted to be there again this year as well.

All in all it was a great day, I sold some items, met nice people, ate great loempias (yummy!) and shared my stand with a lovely lovely lady, Marieke from twaalvierendertig (check her out at )

I was very upset because I forgot a full box of stuff at home (managed to get eventually during the day but my mood stayed like that anyway!) and I did not feel so social.

I never experienced being on a market during a "difficult" period of my life, but I realised this affects a lot your way of dealing with people and small unexpected problems and bumps on the way, which would be totally ok if you were in a better mood, seem something really serious...

Enough rambling for now! The day was great anyway, and I also found a sale on Dawanda as soon as I got back I should not complain at all!!! :)

Have a lovely week everyone!


  1. chissà che bella esperienza! :)

  2. in generale adoro partecipare ai mercatini...(meglio se sono dell'umore giusto!) ma sono davvero un terno al lotto...non saprai mai come andrà! quindi ho deciso di partecipare solo a mercatini che non richiedano un grosso investimento iniziale... per esempio non vado più a farne ad Amsterdam perchè tra viaggio e banchetto partono già 50-60€, e con i miei prezzi c'è troppo rischio di non coprire i costi!