Friday, 12 August 2011

back home and some thoughts

I had a long relaxed working period in italy and just came back to Rotterdam 2 days ago. Too bad it's already autumn in the Netherlands but I managed to enjoy hot weather and lovely food in italy! And I even went to the seaside with my mom for the first time after 4 years, I loved the feeling of warmth and relax - the only concern was which ice cream I should choose and which book to read next! it was only 5 days but I really loved it.
Now it's time to go back to real life and prepare a new market for next week... the Welkom Thuis Festival in Katendrecht, Rotterdam! Some pics of new items will come soon!
So now, a few favourites from the month of july...
♥ Favourite Book of the month: Bright Young Things by Scarlett Thomas. I read it in one afternoon on the beach and could not drop it until I finished it!
♥ Favourite Movie of the month: The tree of life - a heavy but beautiful movie
♥ Favourite Place of the month: I went to the mountains next to Trento in italy, to see land art works, it was just beautiful!
♥ Favourite Purchase of the month: rock and roll black sneakers with small studs
♥ Favourite Food of the month: Seafood
♥ Favourite Music of the month: Agnes Obel, I am totally in love with this woman...
♥ Beejoux items sold in july: 7

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