Saturday, 13 August 2011

Thinking about Winter...

For some reason, although I love summer, my favourite seasons are autumn and winter...I love the cozy feeling of working at home with a hot cup of tea, watching the rain or the show falling outiside... ok, enough for now...
Anyway, I always forgot to put online the pics of my first scarf realised with Twinkie Chan's book! This is what brought me again in the crochet-madness after so many years! I had a lot of fun and it gave me lots of ideas to start developing my own patterns, as soon as I will feel confident enough to begin. 
This scarf is definetly going to put a smile on people's face during a grey winter day. 


  1. Very nice! They looks like biscuits! (or something similar...)

  2. yes! in the book is called "cookie scarf" :)