Tuesday, 4 December 2012

New City, New Life, New Crafts!

It's once again a looong time since I last posted something. It took a bit to get used to my new life, the new room and the new city outside my door. Everything is so HUGE that sometimes I feel out of scale! but so far I really enjoyed being here, going to crafty markets, discovering the city, and meeting new and old friends. Berlin is really exciting, and I've been so in love with it since so long that it almost doesn't feel realy to finally BE here. My space is very limited at the moment compared to Rotterdam, where I had a crafty room ...but I'm trying to make the most out of it! And I took once again my crochet and knitting needles out and started creating... I enjoy so much the colors and the calm of working with crochet and yarn... and now a few pics from the very last creations..and me :)


  1. Wow, moving to Berlin sounds fantastic! I hope you'll have a great time there!

  2. We want more pics!!! :-) Enjoy this time when you are starting something special, it is unique! XXX